Psychosomatic medicine at MY CLINIC

We treat every patient individually and make every effort to understand all of the factors that may be affecting the patient's overall condition. The psychosomatic approach is based on the notion that disease is caused not only by biological processes within the body, but also by the patient's state of mind and social environment.

Understanding the aggregate effect of all these phenomena is the essence of the psychosomatic approach to healthcare. At MY CLINIC, we focus on establishing a therapeutic alliance between the patient and the physician, where we encourage patients to assume an active approach to their ailments. To persuade patients to take part in their treatment, it is essential to earn their trust and to give them a sufficient amount of time, both of which is an integral part of our modus operandi.

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What is psychosomatic medicine?

The term 'psychosomatic' comes from merging two Greek words, psykhe – mind, and somatikos – body. Psychosomatic medicine employs a holistic approach, where the patient's medical condition is assessed in the context of his or her lifestyle, emotions, state of mind, and social environment, all which form and affect people's lives. These factors impact the development of disease and can be a factor in the emergence of persistent, painful symptoms that are often difficult to diagnose using conventional methods only. These phenomena are referred to as the bio-psycho-social context of disease or functional disorders. By understanding these factors and the correlation between them, the physician or the therapist is better able to formulate an effective strategy for comprehensive treatment, as opposed to the mere mitigation of symptoms.

Psychosomatic medicine should in no way be regarded as alternative or even esoteric. During the recent years, psychosomatic medicine has been recognized in the Czech Republic as a comprehensive, interdisciplinary field of healthcare. As such, it is fully integrated in the framework of the Czech Medical Association of Jan Evangelista Purkyně.

How psychosomatic medicine helps

The psychosomatic approach is particularly useful in cases where the patient is suffering from a condition that cannot be diagnosed using conventional diagnostic methods. At the present time, when people are exposed to numerous stress factors, this kind of diagnosis and subsequent therapy are rapidly gaining in importance.

Psychosomatic medicine can help in treating various functional disorders, fibromyalgia, fatigue syndromes, the irritable bowel disorder, certain eating disorders, atopic eczema, dermatorespiratory disorders, inexplicable chronic lower abdomen pains in women, and numerous other ailments. Psychosomatic medicine is effective in treating panic attacks with somatoform symptoms, where anxiety is manifested by such conditions as palpitation, chest pressure, increased perspiration, and shortness of breath.

For psychosomatic therapy to be successful, the patient must be willing to actively participate in treatment and prepared to consider his or her problems in a comprehensive fashion, as opposed to seeing them from a purely biological viewpoint only.

Psychosomatic examination

At MY CLINIC, psychosomatic methods are integrated with the methods employed by conventional medicine. The diagnostic process begins with recording the patient's anamnesis during a standard conversation with the physician. Subsequently, the patient undergoes a somatic examination that aims to identify potential organ ailments. In addition, the diagnostic process may include laboratory tests, and, where indicated, the patient is referred to a specialist, such as dermatologist, gastroenterologist, or physiotherapist. The outcome of such examinations is used as a basis for a cycle of psychosomatic sessions, which can be complemented with therapies administered by relevant medical specialists.

MY CLINIC's psychosomatic program includes a comprehensive entry examination that lasts 90 minutes and a subsequent series of six 60-minute psychosomatic sessions. The recommended interval between sessions is two to four weeks. The entire program is delivered under the supervision of a psychosomatic medicine specialist.

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Our Team

We are dedicated to a holistic approach to healthcare that combines conventional medicine with other therapeutic methods, including psychotherapy, physiotherapy, and other medical specialties, such as internal and general medicine, gynecology, dermatology, psychology, psychiatry, and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

The psychosomatic program at MY CLINIC is directed by MUDr. Michaela Štěpánová who is a certified specialist in the fields of internal and psychosomatic medicine with extensive experience with psychotherapy, family therapy, and psychosomatic therapy.