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Preventive Oncological Screening

Blepharoplasty - plastic surgery of the eyelids

In recent years plastic surgery of both the upper and lower eyelids has become popular. It is one of the most frequently performed types of facial plastic surgery.

As one ages, the skin around the eyes sags, which can lead to unsightly wrinkles. The skin becomes less firm and elastic, leading to fat accumulation under skin around the eyes, commonly known as "bags under the eyes". Excess skin on the upper eyelids also often impairs vision. Other unpleasant symptoms can include swelling, tearing, and burning of the eyes. Plastic surgery therefore often plays not only an aesthetic role, but also a medical one.

Blepharoplasty will result in a visibly younger appearance, proper eyelid function, and your eyes will no longer feel tired.


For whom is Blepharoplasty suitable?

Blepharoplasty is suitable for both women and men. It is most frequently performed on those over the age of 40, but in the event of genetic predisposition, it may be recommended even earlier. For this surgery to be successful, the main requirement is good health. Hence a pre-surgery check-up is necessary, and an initial consultation with the surgeon is essential prior to the surgery itself. Based on the results of the check-up, he will tell you whether the surgery is appropriate for you and during the consultation will explain the entire procedure.

How does the Blepharoplasty take place?

The surgery is performed using local anaesthetic and typically takes 30 to 40 minutes. Afterwards you can go home, always accompanied by someone.
During the post-operative period, you should rest, keeping your upper body elevated to limit swelling and apply cold compresses to the eyes at regular intervals. Stitches are removed after 5 to 7 days, and for the next 4 weeks following the surgery, you should avoid physical exertion, sports, pressure, and bending over to prevent swelling. Saunas, sunbathing, or tanning beds are not recommended for approximately 3 months.

Until 30th of June 2024, you can take advantage of our spring offer and undergo blepharoplasty for the special price of CZK 15,900!

Just use the code "JARO15" when ordering.

At our clinic, plastic surgery of the eyelids is performed by Dr. Ženíšková, an ophthalmologist, or Dr. Mertan, a plastic surgeon.
The price of the surgery starts at CZK 19,900.

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