Semi-annual Health Care Program

The best treatment for health is prevention. We offer extended prevention beyond standard health insurance coverage. 
In addition to public health insurance, you will receive an ultrasound examination of your abdominal cavity and a test for occluded (hidden) bleeding from a stool sample by an internist.
The rehabilitation doctor will perform a comprehensive analysis of the condition of your musculoskeletal system.
The doctor assesses posture, walking, breathing, muscle dexterity and balance, removes acute joint blockages and, for chronic problems, suggests physiotherapeutic procedures that remove unilateral overload through appropriate exercises.
The dermatologist examines the condition of the skin with emphasis on the risk of cancer (malignant melanoma, spinalioma, basal cell carcinoma). The examination is performed with a dermatoscope and is painless.
Our program reflects the current pandemic situation, where a large part of the population suffers from "postcovid syndrome", associated with muscle and joint pain, persistent fatigue and mental health problems.
The program therefore includes physiotherapy and consultations with a psychologist.
This program is intended for adults insured by Czech health insurance companies.

  • Preventive examination (internist, rehabilitation doctor, dermatologist) - a comprehensive preventive program based on an assessment of the client's individual needs beyond the scope of public health insurance
  • Guarantee of the date of the acute examination by a internist within one working day on the basis of a telephone consultation with a doctor
  • Vaccination against influenza
  • 2 x physiotherapy, 2 x psychotherapy
  • Provision of follow-up examinations and operational solutions in external medical facilities
  • Consultation of results with the attending physician via e-mail
  • Client line for your questions and requirements and handing them over to a competent person
  • 10% discount on examinations by a specialist within the clinic
  • 10% discount for a six-month health care program for a family member

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