MyClinic s.r.o., having its registered office at: Vodní 534/3, Smíchov, 150 00 Prague 5, company ID number: 01490575, entered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, file ref. C 207465 (hereinafter the “Operator”), issues these Terms and Conditions for Use of www.myclinic.cz Website (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions”). These Terms and Conditions are binding on everybody that uses the website.
Every visitor to the website is obligated to familiarise him/herself with these Terms and Conditions for Use of Website upon his/her first visit to the website.


  1. The website is designated solely for personal needs. Any use of the website or any part thereof or its content other than for personal needs, in particular further use in the form of dissemination, copying, further processing, alteration or making additional duplicates is prohibited. There is a prohibition against any interference with the technical or material character of the website. Use except for personal need is illegitimate interference with the Operator’s rights and also can be illegitimate interference with the rights of entities whose data, work and other intangible property is part of the website’s content.
  2. The content of this website is prepared with maximum care and an attempt to ensure it is precise and up-to-date. Despite this, it is not possible to guarantee the completeness and correctness of the content presented. Therefore, a visitor enters the website or accesses its content at his/her own risk.
  3. In particular, it should be emphasised that the opinions, information and solutions presented here cannot be regarded as a comprehensive underlying document for the solution of individual cases, as the solution of each individual case or problem requires the taking into consideration of all related circumstances and specifics.
  4. The use of a procedure presented or a procedure in accordance with an opinion or information presented here, without full consultation with an expert who would take into consideration all the specifics and circumstances of the case and propose a corresponding solution could lead to the arising of detriment. The originator of information or creator or administrator of the website cannot be responsible for such detriment in any way.
  5. The reservations presented in para. 3 and 4 apply, due to the nature of the matter, also to any information, procedures or opinions that are presented at a website to which the text contained in this website refers.
  6. All rights concerning the content and appearance of this website are reserved for MyClinic s.r.o. The full or partial reproduction, distribution, transmission (electronic or other) or use of this website for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the aforementioned company’s prior written consent.
  7. Personal data are published at the website in accordance with legal regulations on the protection of personal data. The legal basis for the use of such personal data is limited to this website. Any copying and further dissemination other than for personal need is interference with the rights of the relevant persons and an offence in accordance with legal regulations on personal data protection. The above concerning copying and further use does not apply if it concerns contact data where it is evident that they are stated with the aim of offering the visitor the option of getting in touch with the relevant person.


  1. The Operator ensures a high standard of protection of personal data when providing services.
  2. Information about the processing of personal data, including information about the rights of a person whose personal data are being processed, that is related to the provision of services via the website, is available HERE.


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  3. Some cookies can remember for a certain period your preferences and actions that you performed (e.g. login details, language, font size and other display preferences), so you do not have to input such data again and jump from one page to another.
  4. A cookie itself comprises a chain of letters and numbers, it does not collect and contain any information and it is not a virus, it is not set up to make its own copies or disseminate into other networks. Cookies usually contain the name of the website, the time on the terminal device and a breakdown of the data stored. We use the following cookies:

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If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, please leave the website and do not use it any more.

Prague, 23 November 2020
MyClinic s.r.o.