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Preventive Oncological Screening

Neurological care for adults at MY CLINIC

Neurology is a medical field dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system. 

Our Approach

The nervous system connects all our senses with movement, cognitive activity and perception of the world around us, to unconscious reflex activities such as digestion, excretion or sleep. Almost all of our tissues have a nerve supply. 

A nervous system disorder can be suspected by any specialist in the senses (e.g. ophthalmologist, ENT specialist, dermatologist), movement  (e.g. rehabilitation doctor, rheumatologist, orthopaedist), perception (e.g. psychiatrist, psychologist) and especially internal diseases.     

Neurology, on the other hand, cannot work without retroactive co-operation with these specialists because the nervous system is often damaged by a disorder outside the nervous system, such as a musculoskeletal disorder or an internal disease. 

Therefore, only a thorough treatment of the root cause leads to the repair and prevention of further damage.

Careful detection and treatment of such diseases as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels can delay vascular damage to the brain and thus reduce not only the risk of stroke but also premature ageing of the brain leading to memory disorders. 

Early correction of defective movement patterns under the guidance of a physiotherapist and a rehabilitation doctor ensures the prevention of the development of painful conditions or even irreversible movement disorders. 

Maintaining the ability to move is one of the most important aspects of delaying the side effects of ageing.        

Psychotherapy can help alleviate our suffering and thus greatly improve the quality of our lives.  

Co-operation with specialists is therefore essential for neurology. 

At MY CLINIC we are a team of specialists and we emphasize professionalism, expertise, interconnectedness and a holistic view of each client. 

What We Help With

We provide care across the entire spectrum of nervous system disorders. 

  • Headaches
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Sleep disorders 
  • Movement or sensory disorders on the skin
  • Balance disorders
  • Painful conditions and more

If you need specialized neurological care (for example, epileptology, demyelination, ...), we recommend an appropriate counselling centre or centre at teaching clinics.   


To determine a diagnosis, we use clinical examination, discussing the subjective difficulties of each client and primarily from a detailed personal and family history. Sometimes information from family members is also needed. 

In close cooperation with our psychologists, we can use testing techniques.

We will try to arrange electrophysiological examination such as EEG and EMG and evoked potentials from co-operating facilities. The same applies to MRI and CT imaging methods. 

In rare, acute cases, we can arrange a diagnostic hospitalization.  


Co-operation with specialists is essential for neurology. 

We work closely with all physicians in our clinic, especially with rehabilitation and general practitioners, internists, endocrinologists, rheumatologists, and orthopaedists.  

Furthermore, we rely on co-operation with ENT specialists, or ophthalmology or gynaecology experts.

 Physical and mental problems are closely linked, so it is advantageous to combine somatic and psychotherapeutic treatment, after examination by a psychiatrist.

All this is possible in the comfort of our facility.  

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