Preventive Oncological Screening

General medicine at MY CLINIC

In case of health problems, the first step that most patients take is a visit to a general practitioner. At MY CLINIC, the general practitioner becomes your family doctor, to whom you can always turn for advice with confidence. You can rely on the professionalism and personal approach of our doctors.

Our doctors approach the treatment of diseases comprehensively, they perceive the patient in the full scope of his biopsychological context. We also make sure that there is always enough time for the examination.

Our premises are designed to make you feel comfortable and safe. Of course, our outpatient are also equipped with modern diagnostic equipment. Our general practitioners work closely with individual specialists - specialists within MY CLINIC. If you need a professional examination, you do not waste valuable time and all your care is provided under one roof.


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How a general practitioner helps

The general practitioner treats common acute and chronic diseases, provides preventive care and provides information and recommendations regarding health care.

Based on an interview with the patient about his/her problems, the circumstances of their occurrence and family history, the doctor obtains important information for determining the correct diagnosis and usually performs a basic examination with diagnostic equipment. 

Regular prophylactic check-ups, which you will undergo at our general practitioner, are one of the basic pillars of your health. They allow to continuously monitor your health and they make a significant contribution to the early detection of many diseases. Thanks to this, effective treatment can be given and many serious complications can be prevented.

Specific services offered by the general practitioners at MY CLINIC include:

  • common examinations for acute or chronic problems,
  • regular preventive check-ups,
  • performing specific diagnostic examinations by POCT methods, Holter measurements, etc.
  • medical examinations required by law to obtain or extend the validity of a driver's license, firearm licence, etc.
  • vaccination (by agreement)
  • telephone consultations,
  • other necessary administrative acts 

Modern Equipment

Our general practitioners' outpatients are equipped with modern diagnostic equipment. In addition to routine medical examinations, we can offer other specialist examinations directly in the general practitioner's outpatient, which can speed up the identification of disease diagnosis.

Our Team

At MY CLINIC, general practitioners' outpatient are organizationally connected with the specialization of internal medicine. If necessary, this ensures cooperation with doctors - specialists, whether it is a consultation, sharing documentation or a transfer for a consultant’s examination. With a holistic approach to treatment we can provide, for example, follow-up care in the form of psychotherapy or psychological or psychiatric examination directly at our clinic.

Our team consists of renowned doctors having many years of clinical experience and educated nurses, who are united by their effort to take care of the patient professionally and humanly at the highest level.