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Preventive Oncological Screening

ENT - Ear, Nose and Throat at MY CLINIC

Otorhinolaryngology is a very interesting field at the interface of immunology, paediatrics, internal medicine, neurology, imaging methods (ultrasonography) and surgery. Therapeutic and preventive approaches from all these fields will be used in the ENT Department. During the examination, we often touch very sensitive areas - the nose, ears and pharynx, which can cause strong gagging. We are well aware of this fact and that is why at MY CLINIC we perform these examinations as gently as possible, even using local anaesthesia and the smallest possible tools.

We provide comprehensive outpatient diagnostics and therapy for adults and children for diseases of the head and neck (ears, nose, para-nasal sinuses, pharynx, larynx, salivary glands and swelling in the neck). We work closely with colleagues - general practitioners, paediatricians and internists, especially endocrinologists due to the interweaving of laryngeal pain, and alongside allergists and immunologists. Thanks to close ties to hospitals, we are also able to provide surgical solutions to many diseases in these areas. 

Our team is experienced in caring for both adults and children.

We help with

  • problems in the neck – tonsils, pharynx, oral cavity and also diseases in the salivary glands
  • nasal problems - impaired nasal breathing, headaches in the sinuses, recurrent nasal bleeding, deterioration of smell
  • pain, inflammation of the ears, hearing impairment and also dizziness
  • swelling in the area of the outer neck and also the face
  • injuries to the nose, oral cavity, ears and throat
  • sleep disorders, snoring
  • voice and swallowing problems


We recommend not to underestimate even short term hearing problems and rather undergo examinations and agree on an optimal therapy. Unresolved long-term problems can be much more difficult to treat, and some of the consequences are irreversible.

Modern Diagnostic Equipment

The ENT Department at MY CLINIC relies on modern diagnostic devices that we are continuously updating - endoscopic examination, including the possibility of image recording from the ear, nasal cavity, pharynx and larynx to better understand the patient's problems, including the equipment for a modern examination unit for early detection of pre-tumour and early tumour changes in the mucous membranes of the pharynx, larynx and nasopharynx. Examination of hearing in the audiometric chamber, examination of the functionality of the Eustachian tube which ensures proper aeration of the middle ear, diagnosis of dizziness, acute diagnosis with the possibility of excluding streptococcal inflammation in the pharynx or tonsils immediately in the outpatient clinic, CRP acute diagnosis of bacterial inflammation also immediately in the outpatient ward. Use of ultrasonography for the diagnosis of diseases of the salivary glands, nodes, thyroid gland, the possibility of puncture diagnostics for cytological verification of swelling in the neck, face directly in the outpatient clinic, histological verification of changes in the mucosa in the ENT area, resolution of minor diseases of salivary glands ducts - salivary stones, scarring of salivary glands ducts, treatment of nosebleeds, treatment of sudden tympanic injury.  

See how the ENT medical examination at MY CLINIC takes place

Our Team

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