MUDr. Magdalena Kreimová

Paediatric Outpatient Clinic Chief Physician

Healthcare Programs for Children

We provide comprehensive medical care for your children from birth up to 18 years of age. The responsibility for health lies in the prevention and the treatment of acute health problems.


Paediatricians at MY CLINIC

Paediatrics is a branch of internal medicine dealing with the health care of infants, children and adolescents up to the age of 18.

At MY CLINIC, your children are cared for by a team of experienced paediatricians led by Magdalena Kreimová, MD, a paediatrician with postgraduate certification with many years of experience in the children's ward of a hospital and the paediatric outpatient private medical clinic facility. 

We designed the MY CLINIC environment so that you and your children feel comfortable. We reserve enough time for each examination and subsequent consultation.


What and How Does Paeditrics Treat?

Medical care for children differs in many ways from treatment for adults. Childhood is a period of growth, development and maturation of all organs of the human body. Recognition of correct development and timely detection of possible developmental defects requires specific education and sufficient experience of the examining physician.

We provide comprehensive medical care for your children up to 18 years old. The basis is preventive examinations and, of course, the treatment of acute health problems. Preventive examinations play an irreplaceable role in the healthy development of your children, therefore we perform them at our clinic every year. They make it possible not only to detect any incipient deviations from healthy development in good time, whether it is proper posture, good eyesight or hearing, but they can also point out more serious diseases. The sooner differences from healthy development are captured, the higher is the probability of successful treatment or correction of identified deviations.

We put great emphasis on proper development right from the birth of the child. We provide a number of specific services for mothers of newborns, including doctor's visits at home or telephone consultations. We co-operate with a very experienced lactation counsellor and a paediatric nurse who offers advice in the mother's home environment. In co-operation with our orthopaedic specialists, we provide neonatal hip screening within MY CLINIC.

An equally important part of the care of paediatric patients are mandatory and above-standard vaccinations. Not only do we arrange the vaccination ourselves, but we will be happy to discuss the suitability of vaccination for your children with you.

Our Approach

We want you and your children to feel comfortable and safe with us. Our offices have modern designs and plenty of space. The decoration and equipment of the waiting room and surgery are adapted to our small patients. Your children will definitely like it.

We make sure that we have enough time for a thorough examination and subsequent consultation. We also offer the possibility of booking you for a specific time and thus reduce the waiting time to a minimum.

We use a whole range of modern devices for the examination:

  • Plusoptix - always once a year during the preventive eye examination
  • Bilicheck - to control the bilirubin level of newborns with neonatal jaundice
  • Audiometry - orientation examination of hearing from the age of co-operation, also always once a year during prevention
  • Oximeter - measurement of blood oxygenation in acute respiratory distress or general serious diseases or infections, we always measure in severe conditions

It goes without saying that all our surgeries are equipped with quick diagnostic strips for urine tests, and in everyday practice we use fingerprick CRP and Strep tests. 


We pay great attention to the expertise and empathy of our doctors and nurses. All doctors are experts in the field of paediatrics and have many years of practical experience. 

We work closely with other specialists within MY CLINIC. Thanks to this, we can offer a wide range of professional paediatric examinations from hip screening in newborns (in co-operation with orthopaedics) through nasal tonsil examinations (in co-operation with ENT) to diagnostic examinations (we have the equipment to perform sonographic examinations).  The ENT specialist is equipped with the latest endoscopic devices. Examinations are thus minimally invasive and do not cause much harm to our examined clients.

The strong point of our facility is a multi-member mental health team, in which a child and adult psychiatrist, psychotherapist and psychologist are engaged. There is also a large team of rehabilitation workers - specialists in pediatric physiotherapy and ergotherapy. The great advantage is the fact that you will find everything comfortably under one roof.