Preventive Oncological Screening

Treatment of swallowing and eating disorders in children and adults

At My Clinic, we provide therapeutic and diagnostic answers to swallowing disorders and related care for clients of all ages. In order to attain the best possible results, we offer one-stop care by a host of experts who may become involved in the care for each individual client as needed.


What does the therapeutic regimen at My Clinic look like?

  • In order to achieve the best possible outcome, we draw upon a selection of approaches and techniques from all over the world.  We also avail of a cutting-edge electrostimulation device: the Gymna Myo.
  • A rehabilitation specialist with more than 12 years’ practice in dealing with swallowing disorders will regularly check on you to review the progress made and the course of treatment.
  • Taking your specific needs into account, we may involve an occupational therapist, physical therapist, psychologist, ORL specialist, internal specialist, pediatrist, or other specialists.  All these experts will see you on the premises of My Clinic.  Our clients don’t have to make arduous tours around various workplaces. 
  • We perform FEES, a special endoscopic evaluation of swallowing.  If a videofluoroscopic x-ray becomes necessary, we arrange for this examination at an external specialist workplace. 

Treatment in children

In the case of the youngest children, we address swallowing problems as such, but also chewing disorders, loss of appetite, or the downright refusal to eat.  We have effective advice for cases in which your child tolerates only a few kinds of food and can help you expand their palate toward a wider variety of foods.  Our goal is for you to be able to look forward to spending time with your children at the dining table.

If your child experiences difficulties with the swallowing process as such (for neurological or mechanical, or other reasons), we first perform an objective examination so as to be certain that the therapy and its objectives are safe for your child.  We are familiar with the needs of premature children, children afflicted by various genetic syndromes, or children with cerebral palsy.

Treatment in adult clients

We know how to diagnose and address a great variety of causes of swallowing disorders or discomfort, and we have a wealth of experience with neurological patients, patients after injuries or after surgery in the vicinity of the head and neck, or patients dealing with the aftereffects of radiotherapy.  With the aid of physical therapy, we help alleviate swallowing difficulties caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Electrogymnastics using top-notch therapeutic devices

Thanks to our Gymna Myo device, we help to strengthen the relevant face and neck muscles. Electrogymnastics offers a particularly useful therapeutic path in patients who experienced a cerebrovascular accident (i.e., a stroke) but may also be the appropriate choice for a variety of other causes behind swallowing disorders. It produces excellent results in children with chewing disorders originating in weak masticatory muscles or in the insufficient ability to close one’s jaws (e.g., in children with Down syndrome or orofacial hypotonia).