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Preventive Oncological Screening

About My Clinic

We are a private family-style clinic offering professional healthcare across a broad range of specializations for all age categories – from newborns to grandparents.

Our clinic is inspired by the tradition of the family physician in whom medical expertise meets personal relationship building and a high degree of empathy. We set aside plenty of time, understanding, and respect for each patient. Professionalism, trust, a friendly environment, and the satisfaction of our clients are of fundamental importance to us.

At My Clinic
you always come first

Our philosophy is holistic: we perceive each individual and their ailments in their entire complexity.  We are bringing back an oft-neglected aspect of how medicine should be practiced in examination and consulting rooms: that of taking enough time for each patient, and of creating a friendly environment. We build a relationship with our clients that centers on reliability and trust. The basis for successful treatment is to establish the true cause of disease and to be mindful of the greater context. Our treatment proposals are always as little invasive as possible, taking into account the individual needs of each client.

At My Clinic you receive
the best imaginable care

A modern office, comfortable surroundings, and state-of-the-art equipment are par for the course at My Clinic. We take pride in our team of renowned practitioners and experienced nurses. Our medical doctors rank among the recognized experts in their respective fields. Working hand in hand, they establish the most efficient path towards improving the physical and mental health of our clients. At My Clinic we promote lifelong learning and personal development, in service of our goal to always remain at the top of the profession.

If you have been looking for a family doctor who is always close to you on your journey toward lasting health and great quality of life, pay us a visit at My Clinic.

I am looking for a family doctor

Meet My Clinic

The vision of My Clinic

Working together, we set out to turn our vision of a family clinic into reality, one step at a time – from the initial idea and the overarching philosophy to project planning with the architects, to opening the doors of our clinic to patients for the first time. We are confident that our approach perfectly matches the expectations of patients in terms of what kind of healthcare they wish to receive. Which is to say, a personal, trust-based approach over many years, which is modeled upon the way in which a family doctor’s practice works.


The benefits of our care

  • At My Clinic, you’ll find more than 26 medical specializations under one roof, comprehensively covering the various fields and areas of healthcare. Our team of physicians is formed by more than 60 experts who are ready to provide the best medical care to you, geared precisely to your needs and wishes.
  • Aside from diagnostics and targeted, efficient treatment, we will always also emphasize prevention.
  • We always set aside enough time for examinations and the subsequent consultation.
  • You make your appointment on the client helpline, for a specific date and hour that best fits your needs and possibilities.
  • If necessary, we assist you in procuring subsequent care.
  • All of this is available to you under one roof, in the pleasant surroundings of a top-notch clinic. My Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art medical instruments and devices, but at the same time provides a space where you will feel comfortable and at ease in every respect. 
  • We offer our clients the option of telephone consultations with a physician or therapist.
  • We are honoured to work closely with the 3rd Surgical Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and University Hospital in Motol and their head, Prof. Dr. Robert Lischke, Ph.D. If there is a need for more demanding surgery, we thus ensure our clients the certainty of first-class care at a respected teaching facility.

Our physicians

  • We set great store in the superior expertise and human approach of our physicians, therapists, and nurses.
  • For their overwhelming part, the physicians at My Clinic are leading experts in their respective fields. We support them in their further professional and personal development and lifelong education and training efforts.
  • The basis for successful treatment is the teamwork among our specialists, who in this way ensure that the approach to our patients covers each and every aspect of relevance.
More about our physicians and therapists
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The premises of My Clinic

  •  You’ll find MY CLINIC at Telehouse, a modern facility in Prague 6, just a stone’s throw from Dejvická metro station. From the first moment you enter the premises, you‘ll appreciate the modern and friendly environment. The architectural layout and interior design of our clinic were created with the consummate comfort of everyone in mind. 
  • The consulting and examination rooms have been designed with the involvement of our practitioners, with maximum emphasis on both functionality and making our clients feel welcomed.  The design of waiting rooms and corridors invokes an accommodating atmosphere and the feeling of being perfectly cared for.
  • All our premises satisfy the most stringent hygiene and safety requirements imposed on the operation of healthcare facilities. 

Medical equipment

It is standard practice for our consultants to use top-quality, modern instruments and devices.  Certified state-of-the-art technology help our physicians arrive at the correct diagnosis and play an important role in the treatment process. 

More detailed information on the equipment of our consulting rooms can be found in the sections which present the individual specializations.


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Healthcare Programs

These programs are designed such that they combine acute and preventive healthcare. Their important benefit lies in fostering the long-term, regular character of the physician-patient relationship, which holds the promise of better results.

Healthcare Program for Adults

This care program gives you access to year-round, unlimited care by a general practitioner and internist, including annual preventative check-ups and flu shots, comprehensive dental services, to name just a few of the perks. Check out the additional options for expanding the scope of care within the My Exclusive program, which for instance includes three hours of physical therapy as well as other specialist examinations.

Learn more


Naturally, we all want the best for our children. Good medical care is the basis for their successful development. The My Clinic healthcare program for children comprises year-round, unlimited pediatric care for children of all ages, from birth until 18 years of age, including annual preventative screenings (and in the case of newborns, up to 9 screenings within the first year of life).

Learn more

My Maternity Pregnancy Programme

Our main goal is to guide you throughout your pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care in the best possible and most caring way. The best thing you can do for your baby at the start of its life is to experience these precious moments in safety and with positive anticipation.

Learn more

My Gynaecology

Are you looking for a leading gynaecologist, a specialist with whom you can address your intimate issues with confidence and whom you are happy to approach with any “feminine” health issue? We offer our Gynaecology program to clients of Czech health insurance companies. It is also a good solution, for instance, for women who need to see a doctor more often during the year.

Learn more


Are you troubled by involuntary leakage of urine as you make a dash for something, or let out a cough, or do sports – or after a surgical intervention, or during activities of any kind? This often indicates a case of stress incontinence (SUI). Another plus is that therapy of pelvic floor improves an intimate life of women.

Learn more