MY CLINIC is a project with the clear intention to provide professional health care in a family focused clinic. We offer a wide range of care to everybody, from newborns to grandparents. Our doctors and therapists naturally become companions in the health history of your entire family.

Step by step, we have jointly transformed our vision of a family clinic into reality. From the first idea, the overall philosophy, through planning with architects to the opening of the clinic. We believe that our attitude and approach is exactly what patients expect from the provided care, i.e. a personal, confidential and long-term relationship that corresponds to functioning of family doctors.

Our philosophy is a holistic approach, where we treat a person as a whole complex of issues, not just their impaired body functions. We return to medical practice the often neglected factor, which is the provision of sufficient time and a friendly environment. Modern surgeries and equipment are a matter of course. We are proud of our team of renowned doctors and fully trained nurses. We have exceptional specialists who communicate with each other and exchange opinions on how best to proceed on the path to improving physical and mental health.

We insist on maintaining the high standard of care provided to our clients also for the future. We take passionate care of the personal development and lifelong education of our doctors and nurses in order to stay at the forefront of their field.

At our clinic, neither the patient nor the doctor is an isolated island. We are a single living organism, we work together as a team. We are the MY CLINIC family.

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Our vision is to create a clinic inspired by the tradition of family physicians where professional medical care is combined with a personal relationship and a high degree of empathy. We provide a comprehensive approach to the patient. We give enough time to understand and respect each patient. Professionalism, trust, a friendly atmosphere and the satisfaction of our clients are essential for us.