Preventive Oncological Screening

Your doctor may recommend minor surgery for specific ENT diagnoses. These are usually performed on an outpatient basis and the patient can leave soon after the procedure.

My Clinic has a specialized operating room for small operations that is equipped with top-of-the-line modern instruments and devices.

All procedures are thoroughly discussed with the client and take place on an agreed date and time. Procedures are always performed by an experienced ENT doctor with many years of professional experience.

Operations are usually minimally invasive, and thanks to the use of gentle painkillers, almost painless.

We regularly perform the following procedures:

  • Excision (removal) of skin and mucous membrane growths in the area of the nose and mouth cavity
  • Removal of small skin tumours on the face and neck
  • Discision (a partial cut) of a shortened frenulum
  • Ear piercing, earlobe sutures
  • Removal of salivary gland stones
  • Stopping repeated nosebleeds


Other surgeries at My Clinic:

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