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Preventive Oncological Screening

Allergology and immunology at My Clinic

The medical specialization of allergology is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases, i.e., intolerances to certain substances, whereas the broader field of clinical immunology deals with congenital and acquired immune disorders that lead to greater susceptibility to infections, autoimmune diseases, recurring fevers, and the like. At MyClinic, we set great store in the comprehensive examination of patients – we always seek to get to the bottom of the complex causes behind allergic reactions or immune disorders. We do diagnostics in-house, supported, if need be, by the contributions of our partners among specialist healthcare facilities. Our therapeutic approach, which is always shaped around the individual case, combines prevention, the alleviation of symptoms, and active treatment in the proper sense. The latter involves direct intervention with the immune system, seeking to manage the overreaction to specific allergens, boosting the body’s defenses, and so on. 

Our therapeutic range

Allergic reactions can take a great variety of forms: coughing, a burning sensation in one’s eyes, a running nose, rashes or hives, swellings, intense itching, or other unwarranted skin reactions, or – in severe cases – a state of generalized shock known as “anaphylaxis”.

The most common complaints treated by us comprise allergies to:

  • grass and tree pollen
  • certain types of food
  • dust mites
  • animals
  • insect bites

The most frequent complaints encountered by our immunology practice include:

  • increased susceptibility to infections
  • infections with serious progressions
  • recurring fevers of unclear origin
  • autoimmune diseases

We help rule out serious and grave immune disorders; we examine patients with specific complaints before we may refer them to specialist consultants in such fields as rheumatology, pneumology, or others, and we provide integrated care to them within the context of overall immunity.


How is the examination performed

The first goal of any comprehensive allergological and immunological examination is to gain a solid understanding of the patient’s current state of health as well as their medical history. It is also important for us to know all circumstances related to the environment in which the patient spends their time. Only then will we proceed to the core part of the examination: diagnostics.

At our family clinic, we have basic allergological testing kits at the ready which allow us to reveal, or confirm, the root cause of allergic reactions – for instance, skin-prick tests that are applied to the forearm and deliver results within a few minutes. We may also take blood samples and send them in to a specialist lab for an assessment.

In addition, we perform specialized diagnostic screenings of the respiratory system such as spirometry or FeNO measurements.

Our team

The My Clinic team of physicians is comprised of consummate professionals who take an individual approach to each and every patient, setting aside enough time for the examination and for a proper conversation between physician and patient. 

Allergy-related complaints are being addressed by our allergology practice, working with other specialists within our family clinic, whereas immunological issues lie in the hands of our certified clinical immunologists. Often, the suggestion to visit an allergology/immunology consultant is made by a patient’s general practitioner or pediatrician; if so, we will liaise with them to discuss the patient’s history. During examinations and for diagnostic purposes, we make use of the services of our other specialist practices, such as endocrinology or dermatology.

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