Internal Medicine

MUDr. Michaela Štěpánová

Chief of Internists and General Practitioners

Healthcare Programs for Adults

Our healthcare programs place high emphasis on prevention, thoroughness of clinical examination, and ongoing communication between the patient and the physician. For our patients to be able to gain an understanding of the comprehensive nature of our healthcare programs, the premium quality of care, and the friendly atmosphere at MY CLINIC, we offer a free, noncommittal 30-minute consultation with a general practitioner or an internal medicine specialist.


Internal Medicine at MY CLINIC

Internal medicine is a basic pillar of clinical medicine. It deals with the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of diseases of internal organs. Internal medicine covers most of the specialized medical sub-disciplines that are narrowly specialized.

At MY CLINIC, we take comprehensive care of your health. We provide preventive and acute medical care. Our internal practitioners provide above-standard care based on personal approach to create mutual trust and safety. We have enough time, understanding and respect for each patient.

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World-class equipment and quick diagnostics

Our surgeries are equipped with modern diagnostic devices and rapid diagnostic tests, POCT-CRP, Streptest, INR, FOB, determination of troponin to exclude acute heart disease, Holter BP and ECG, bicycle ergometry.

Examinations Offered

  • general preventive check-up and detailed physical examination,
  • diagnosis and treatment of diseases of internal organs,
  • evaluation of risk factors and subsequent consultations with specialists from different areas,
  • preoperative examination,
  • examination before spa treatment or for assessment purposes.

Psychosomatic Approach

We approach each patient individually and try to understand his/her overall situation. The holistic or psychosomatic approach is based on the principle that not only the biological processes of the body but also the state of mind contribute to the origin and development of the disease (I can't = I can’t control it, I am not at ease, lack of ease = disease). We are captive to certain emotions and thoughts, subsequently we become entrenched in a social environment that shapes us and affects our lives. All of this affects the course of an illness or may even contribute to the development of often persistent symptoms, for which conventional medicine may not always even find the correct diagnosis.

Awareness of the importance of the interplay of all these processes is a key tool of the psychosomatic approach in medicine.  At MY CLINIC, we try to establish the so-called therapeutic alliance between the patient and the doctor and we care about the patient's active approach to his/her problems. 

Psychosomatics is not a part of the so-called alternative medicine but seeks a comprehensive therapy, which mixes classical medical procedures with the use of other treatment tools, whether psychotherapeutic conversation, physiotherapeutic methods of working with the body or co-operation with other disciplines. Among other things, this type of work with the patient requires time, and we try to provide it to our clients. 

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Our Team

Our team consists of renowned doctors having many years of clinical experience and educated nurses, who are united by their effort to take care of the patient professionally and humanly at the highest level.

The great advantage of MY CLINIC is the wide range of other medical specialities directly at the clinic. Internists work closely with fellow specialists to consult the patient's diagnosis and subsequent treatment.