Preventive Oncological Screening

Vascular surgery is a surgical subspecialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases and their surgical management.

In vascular surgery, we focus on:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of vascular and arterial diseases
  • Minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins
  • Sclerotherapy treatment for varicose veins
  • Treatment of varicose veins using the EVLA (Endovenous Laser Ablation) method

Varicose veins are not merely an aesthetic bother – left untreated, they may cause more serious health problems further down the road. This is why you want to commence treatment early, upon the first signs.

At our specialist practice, we treat varicose veins using sclerotherapy or with the laser-based, so-called EVLA (Endovenous Laser Ablation) method.

The vascular surgeon will determine the treatment of choice based on an initial ultrasound and clinical screening, with a view to the patient’s clinical complaints. In this way, we may successfully treat not only so-called symptomatic varicose veins (i.e., varices which cause actual health problems) but also cosmetic varicose veins which represent "merely" an aesthetic issue. The benefit of these procedures is that they require no general anaesthesia and are performed under local anaesthetics on an out-patient basis.


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