Preventive Oncological Screening

Ophthalmic Care at MY CLINIC

Ophthalmology deals with diseases of the eye, optic nerve and accessory eye organs - eyelids, lacrimal gland and oculomotor muscles.

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Our Care

MY CLINIC provides its clients with comprehensive ophthalmological care. This includes not only preventive examinations but also the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases in adult and paediatric patients. The diagnostics includes an examination of refraction and determination of the best corrected visual acuity, measurement of intraocular pressure, examination of the anterior segment as well as the back of the eye on a slit lamp, including the possibility of photo documentation of the ocular finding. In indicated cases, we perform a visual field test (perimetry) and we also have the latest method for diagnosing diseases of the retina and optic nerve - optical coherence tomography (OCT). This equipment, together with a team of erudite ophthalmologists, enables to provide high-level care to patients with diseases of the anterior segment of the eye, retina (age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy), intraocular inflammation (uveitis), glaucoma and many other eye diseases. In our team, we have an experienced paediatric eye specialist who will provide professional care to patients with squinting, amblyopia and, if necessary, examine children shortly after birth.

Treatment for glaucoma

At the operating theatre in MY CLINIC we perform small surgical procedures on the eyelids, such as the removal of small skin formations, stye, or the treatment of redundant skin folds over the eyelids (blepharochalasis). In indicated cases, removed tissues will be sent for histological examination.

We cooperate with endocrinologists, rheumatologists, neurologists, pneumologists, cardiologists and other specialists who recommend eye examination to their patients because the general disease for which they are being monitored may also have ocular manifestation. In many cases, the ophthalmologist may be the first to point out, based on an ocular finding, possible association with a systemic disease, initiates interdisciplinary cooperation and recommends an examination to the patient by a specialist in the given field.

For contact lens users, we perform regular check-ups of the anterior segment of the eye in order to detect possible complications and to design a suitable wearing schedule. For those interested in contact lenses who do not yet have experience with them, we recommend the services of a cooperating optician, who offers a targeted examination with a selection of contact lenses with appropriate parameters, including education in handling them.

Our services include short order deadlines and the possibility to book your appointment at a specific time. We engage in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic eye diseases. If outpatient is indicated, we have guaranteed cooperation with renowned ophthalmological clinics and university centres. If the patient is interested in the opinion of another expert on the established diagnosis or the proposed treatment procedure, we offer a Second Opinion examination.

Ophthalmological Medical Team at MY CLINIC

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