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Surgery at My Clinic

When your health situation requires surgery, we're all well aware that we'd like to absolve such things in the best possible comfort, at an appropriate time and date, and with the certainty that we're in the hands of an experienced professional.

This is precisely the surgical care that My Clinic offers and provides.

My Clinic has a modern operating room where we perform a broad range of surgical procedures on an outpatient basis.

Aside from routine general surgical procedures such as treating or rebandaging of wounds, and excision of moles and lipomas, our specialists also perform procedures in the area of ophthalmology, urology, ENT, and dermatology.

The procedure is always performed by a doctor from the My Clinic team, which comprises a number of professionals with many years of experience. Our doctors are constantly keeping abreast of new developments in their field, and apply the newest procedures and use the latest equipment.

All procedures are of course thoroughly discussed with the client and take place at an agreed date and time.

The procedures we perform are usually minimally invasive, and when necessary a gentle anaesthetic is applied with the client's agreement.

For more information about surgical procedures, choose a specific area of health care.

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