Occupational therapy at MY CLINIC

Occupational therapy is one of the medical professions. It is a core part of a comprehensive rehabilitation and provides essential therapeutic support for kids with developmental delays.  Its aim is to maintain or achieve the maximum possible self-sufficiency and independence.  For adults, supporting self-care, work and leisure activities. For children, addressing growing independence in daily life activities, school participation and free time choices. To achieve these goals, meaningful activities that are indispensable to a person are used. In the past this therapy was called "treatment with work", today we perceive it more as "training in lost skills" or "game therapy".

Occupational therapy helps adults and children with various types of disability (physical, sensory and mental disabilities or social disadvantages). At MY CLINIC, we approach our clients with respect for their personality and their capabilities. 


What We Help Children With

At MY CLINIC we have a professional team specializing mainly in helping children:

  • with developmental impairment of locomotor coordination
  • with cerebral palsy
  • with autism spectrum disorders
  • with sensory processing disorders
  • with reduced ability to concentrate attention and with hyperactivity
  • with specific learning disabilities
  • with Down syndrome
  • with muscular dystrophy
  • with post-traumatic and postoperative conditions
  • with dyspraxia 
  • at risk of developmental delay, or presenting developmental challenges due to difficulties during pregnancy, birth or when being born premature

How We Help Children

To achieve the set goals, we use play as the main occupational therapy tool for children. It brings pleasure, joy and supports the child's inner motivation. An important part of occupational therapy is active co-operation with the family so that we respect their needs and wishes. The therapy consists of outpatient care, home care and consultations in the workplace, kindergarten and primary school.

We offer in particular:

  • occupational therapy examinations with the aim of evaluating the level of psychomotor development (gross and fine motor skills, sensory perception, balance, cognitive function, communication) and other skills (self-sufficiency, play)
  • preparation of an individual occupational therapy plan in cooperation with experts from other fields
  • practice in "activities of daily living" (ADL) such as food, dressing, hygiene, play
  • assistance with the selection of suitable compensatory aids
  • counselling in the adjustment of the home or school environment, recommendations for leisure activities

How We Help Adults

We offer in particular:

  • occupational therapy examinations focused on activity analysis - gross and fine motor skills, coordination of movement and balance, sensory perception, cognitive function, communication
  • evaluation of "activities of daily living" (ADL) - self-sufficiency in eating, personal hygiene, dressing, transfers from sitting/standing/sleeping, use of toilets, household care, money handling, use of technology
  • counselling - selection of suitable compensatory aids, instruction in prevention (fall prevention, back school), recommendation for leisure activities
  • home visits - adjusting the home or work environment


Occupational therapists work closely with other medical professionals, particularly with pediatricians, neurologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. You will find all these specialized clinics under one roof at MY CLINIC. You do not have to travel and you save your valuable time.