Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy at MY CLINIC - to be launched

Occupational therapy is a method of medical rehabilitation, the aim of which is to enable an individual to participate in activities that are meaningful and indispensable for life. It used to be called "treatment with work", however today we perceive it more as "training in lost skills" or "game therapy".
Occupational therapists care for clients of all ages and work closely with physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. The therapy takes place in the form of outpatient care, in the home environment, in kindergartens, schools or the work 

Children Help

At MyClinic, we have a strong team specializing mainly in helping children

  • with developmental movement coordination disorder
  • with cerebral palsy
  • with autism spectrum disorders
  • with sensory processing disorders
  • with reduced ability to concentrate attention and with hyperactivity
  • with specific learning disabilities
  • with Down syndrome
  • with muscular dystrophy
  • in post-traumatic and postoperative condition
  • with dyspraxia

The paediatric occupational therapist develops

  • fine motor skills and graphomotor skills
  • movement coordination and balance
  • attention, learning, memory
  • psychomotor development