My Junior
A program for children
8 to 18 years of age

Just yesterday they couldn't go to sleep without a goodnight kiss, and their parents' opinion was the most important thing in the world. But those times are slowly becoming history, and another important milestone is approaching on the way to independence and responsibility. And a responsible approach to their own health and lifelong attention to physical and mental well-being is something we can instill in our children with the help of good paediatric care, in order to prepare them for their increasingly independent path toward adulthood.

I am interested in health care program

What services does the My Junior program include?

We offer the following as standard services:

Annual preventive checkups by the best paediatricians, and in case of any problems, the maximum attention of our specialist doctors.

Preventive checkups beyond the scope of insurance coverage based on your child's individual needs

Moles checked by a dermatologist as part of the preventive care program

A gynaecological examination prior to the start of contraceptive use along with the necessary lab tests

An individual vaccination program

Quick diagnostics available from our doctors, for example a strep test or CRP test for bacterial infection

Extended lab tests

Optional nasal flu vaccine application

Optional Covid-19 vaccination

Assistance with arranging external outpatient examinations

The services of an allergy specialist

The services of a dermatologist

Appointments for a specific date and time

Appointment confirmation 48 hours in advance via text message

Ear piercing

E-prescriptions sent based on a phone request

A 10 % discount on examinations as part of the clinic's other specializations

A 10 % discount on other programs

Children 8 to 18 years of age

CZK 24,000 / year

Need help in picking the right program for you?

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