How MY CLINIC logo was born 05.31.2021

Logo is an important part of an identity of every significant project. MY CLINIC is no difference in this respect. We decided to have a closer to look on how MY CLINIC logo was created. We talked to the man behind the logo - Mr Tomáš Rada from graphics studio Phrased - and here are some interesting insights from the interview.

A good brief is usually at the start of the process of a logo creation. In the case of MY CLINIC the key point was “doing things in a different way”. Following the brief Mr Rada carried out a detailed research of presentations of various companies engaged in the healthcare industry. He started to think about how to make MY CLINIC logo “stand out from the crowd”. An effort to get rid of the graphical cliches (colours, symbols) typical for the healthcare industry was at the centre of Mr Rada’s thinking.

Despite this it was necessary to create a logo that would still be relevant for the clinic, a healthcare entity. The first sketches of the logo were inspired by an object, very closely linked with medicine - a pill. Playful approach of the creative team started to produce different graphical interpretations of a pill. In the final version proposed by Mr Rada, pills became symbols of individual letters in MY CLINIC name.

“Through the logo we wanted to lighten the seriousness of the doctor’s appointment, considered stressful by many patients,” says Tomáš Rada. He hopes that the creative playfulness experienced during the logo creation will be transferred also into the logo perception by the clinic’s visitors. Other graphical elements like pictograms of MY CLINIC’s specializations were created in the same spirit as well.

Both full and shortened version of the proposed logo are currently in use. The shorter option which consists of two “pills” has now become a classic logo representing MY CLINIC. The full version has been applied in various parts of the clinic, e.g. entrance into the individual surgeries.

The application of the logo and associated graphical elements at the clinic was carried out in a close co-operation between the logo creators and architects of the building. Their goal was to achieve a natural integration of the logo into the overall interior design of MY CLINIC with the end result being a friendly and safe family atmosphere. You can judge yourself how successful the effort was.