Vascular surgery is the surgical subdiscipline concerned with diagnosing and treating vascular diseases (including surgical treatment).

Surgical treatment of varicose veins

Varicose veins are not merely an aesthetic bother – left untreated, they may cause more serious health problems further down the road.  This is why you want to commence treatment early, upon the first signs. 

At our specialist practice, we perform laser treatment of varicose veins using the modern, gentle EVLA (Endovenous Laser Ablation) method.

The intervention is carried out under local anaesthetics and thus puts no burden on the organism; no subsequent bedrest or in-patient stay is required.  The out-patient procedure is administered at our modern operating room.  Unlike older methods, the endovenous laser treatment of varices is fast and much less painful, with almost immediate results. 

With this minimally invasive treatment method, a laser fibre is introduced into the vein under ultrasound surveillance through a tiny prick in the skin, strictly to the extent necessary for removing the varicose vein.  The energy of the laser beam is transformed into heat which fuses the damaged vein.  In other words, the vein is not being surgically extracted from the body, and the healthy part of the vein remains unharmed. 

Immediately following the procedure, compression stockings are applied while still in the operating room, and the client may soon leave (assisted by their private companion).  Two weeks after the intervention, the client should see our out-patient facility for a follow-up examination, which includes a post-surgery ultrasound screening; if need be, small residual varices may be resolved e.g. through sclerotherapy. 

Post-surgery restrictions are minimal, and essentially require that the client wears compression stockings for a short period of time.  The client sustains no scars, and almost no bruises.  For three weeks following treatment, the client should avoid strenuous physical exertion such as going on hikes or bike rides, doing gym exercises, and the like.  They are however unrestricted in their standard daily activities. 


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