Healthcare Programs for Children

MY CLINIC offers comprehensive care for children from birth to the age of 18 years.

Preventative health checks play an irreplaceable role in the healthy development of children. The first year is the most important time in a child's life from the developmental viewpoint. Because of that, we carry out 12 paediatric check-ups that closely monitor your child’s medical condition during the first year. Afterward, preventative health checks are carried out once per year.

The high quality of examinations is guaranteed by state-of-the-art instruments, which allow us to non-invasively measure the intensity of infant jaundice, to examine otoacoustic emissions in new-borns, and to carry out audiometry screening in children over the age of three years, to name a few of the procedures we carry out. All of our offices are equipped with speculums for eye and ear examinations. Likewise, we have the PLUSOPTIX vision screener that allows the early detection of serious vision disorders in preschool children, such as amblyopia.  

To prevent the potential spread of infectious diseases, there are two separate waiting rooms. One of them is reserved for healthy children who come for a preventative health check, and the other serves for their sick counterparts. In addition, our clinic has a separate room for highly infectious patients, such as those suffering from COVID-19, varicella, streptococcus infection, and other communicable diseases. In addition to standard care, we offer such optional services as lactation counselling and ear piercing.

The healthcare program is intended for children insured under the Czech public health insurance scheme.

To allow you to discover our health program for children, we offer a free noncommittal 60-minute personal consultation with our paediatrician.

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MY CLINIC Healthcare Programs for Children

Annual preventative health checks

Guaranteed appointment time for acute conditions

Ultrasound of hips 3 times a year in the childs first year

Sufficient amount of time given for examination

Individual approach to vaccination

Optional telephone consultations

A divers range of specialists

Client line

Foreign language proficiency

Discount on examination by a specialist performed within the clinic and on Healthcare Programs for a family member

Children up to 1 year

CZK 1,975 / monthCZK 23,700 / year

Children over 1 year

CZK 1,635 / monthCZK 19,620 / year
Client line img +420 222 900 900